As a coach I do collaborate with other coaches and programs of high quality that I believe would serve my clients and visitors. When I refer you to other programs, and you purchase through those links, I receive a referral fee.

This is called affiliate marketing, and if you would like to learn more about it, ask me or check my links on the resources page.

By purchasing through an affiliate link, you do not pay a higher price than going direct, in fact affiliate often pass on a special or launch price you cannot get anywhere else.

Affiliate marketing is a win for all business, the client wins by being referred to a valuable often life changing product she/he can download immediately and use. The affiliate referer makes a commission, and the program developer sells more volume and shares a percentage with the referer for referring. This is business online today, a win/ for all.

When you do purchase a program through my links I would like to thankyou in advance and, if you sens me purchase confirmation, I will offer you a 30 minute skype coaching session, you set the agenda.