Hay House 5th Annual World Summit May 2107

The Hay House Annual World Summit is back again! Start your journey to great change and ultimate fulfillment. On May 6th world leading experts will share their lessons with you about finding your path to self-discovery and personal growth. Join me in being a part of a global community devoted to learning, growing, and living to the fullest!

Join me in receiving lessons from the World’s Leading Experts that can empower, heal and transform your life. It is free to register and isten to many of the Worlds top speakers in the fields of Personal Development, Spirituality, Health and Wellbeing.

Receive lessons from experts in their field like Louise Hay, Dr Lissa Rankin, Dr Barabara De Angelis, Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Mike Dow, Mike Dooley, Ruth Buczynski Ph.D and many more.

You also have the option of OWNING all the Lessons in Audio or Audio and CD and transcripts from only $147 and a payment plan for each package

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View Preview Trailer Below with Dr Lissa Rankin MD on Mind and Health

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