Humor for your soul ( Humour for my Australian friends )

It is easy to get down, stressed and depressed when life isn’t going your way. We all have challenges in life and with relationships at home and at work, producing our desired income, paying the bills and remaining relatively sane.

On your path to success and achievement, the main thing is not to compare yourself with others, but compare where you are now to where you want to be. You are doing it for you, and along the way, your loved ones, friends and community will get to share in your progress.

The more you do, the more you achieve, and the more you achieve, the more you become.

Always keep in mind that life is a journey, and regardless of appearances, it is meant to be enjoyed! That means enjoy the challenges along the way, laugh at yourself as often as possible, then get back on the path to where you want to go.

Add more humor to your life; when times look bleak, or days are tough, find ways to find humour in the little things and encourage those around you to smell the roses and laugh with you.

Laughter and a good sense of humour is infectious, people love being around friends and company with a good sense of humour. Life wasn’t meant to be serious all the time, we all need a balance of serious work with time out for fun and laughter.

Nobody could have a more important and serious role then President Obama, yet notice how he entertains with his light-hearted sense of fun in many of his speeches, even when the Donald accused him of not being born in America, President Obama maintained a calm disposition and added humour to the situation.

Watching news of the passing of another Great today, John Glenn, much was mentioned of his sense of fun and humor. He was humble, he had no arrogance nor conceit, and John Glenn was an achiever who took risks and was able to laugh about his risks years later. He cared for others, took action to succeed at whatever he did, and had a lot of fun and entertained the people around him along the way.

So whenever you are feeling a bit too serious or depressed, find something to smile about, change your state to one of fun or humour, you will always get a positive response, clear the clouds from your thinking, and find new and successful ways of getting to where you want to go.

Your natural disposition can be fun and humorous if you decide that is what you want. It is as simple as changing your state 🙂

To Your Success